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Great aspirations deserve great attention. Especially if what’s at stake is no less than the future of our planet. Bearing that in mind, the Association of Social Responsibility, the largest initiative for corporate social responsibility and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Czechia, in association with DVTV.cz are holding the 2022 Global Goals Summit.

You will meet inspiring personalities from the world of business, politics, the nonprofit sector, and public administration. You will discover innovative approaches, see examples of good practices, and individuals who transform the world into a better place will speak about their experience with contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Perhaps you are one of them. Perhaps you are still searching for your place in the world of sustainability. Either way, you are welcome, as is everyone who takes sustainability with the utmost seriousness.

Count me in

The Global Goals Summit will be held in the National Museum in Prague, Czech Republic on October 13, 2022. The museum is a gorgeous venue that breathes ancient history. Likewise, the times gone by provide the symbol of this year’s summit – Plateosaurus, the most common European dinosaur in ancient times. The summit will present a model Pla(s)teosaurus made from recycled plastic by 3D printers from various part of Czechia. More information.

Why Pla(s)teosaurus? Because he knows what could happen and has a message for us:

The 2022 Global Goals Summit is part of the Sixth Season of the SDG Awards, a prestigious event during which awards are bestowed for fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Czechia.


Is it possible to combine the rescue of endangered species with the economic development of the region? How to ensure the functioning of ecosystems?

Circular economy

How to start using waste as a valuable material and turn responsible production and consumption into the global trend?

Innovation, technology and cryptocurrencies

How can we improve the health of disadvantaged groups, ensure a sustainable future, and mine cryptocurrencies ecologically?

Agriculture and self-sufficiency

How to support small farmers, take care of natural resources, reduce food waste and fight against hunger at the same time?


How should leaders effectively engage their teams to create a sustainable organization?




Open door


Morning part


Lucie Mádlová, founder and director of the Association of Social Responsibility

Grand opening of the Global Goals Summit

Introductory word

Lenka Bradáčová, high public prosecutor in Prague

Introductory word to SDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Interview with George Kell about ESG

Georg Kell, founder and former executive director of the UN Global Compact, founder of Arabesque (Germany), in his keynote and an interview with Martin Veselovský, presenter of DVTV

Self-learning quantitative models and big data for evaluating the performance and sustainability of global companies

SDG Talk Vol. 1

Melina Taprantzi, SDGs and ESG consultant, founder of Wise Greece (Greece)

Possibilities of cooperation with local farmers to ensure sustainability

Interview: Cryptocurrencies and Climate Change

Ladislav Krištoufek, professor of economics, vice-rector of Charles University, in an interview with Martin Veselovský, presenter of DVTV

Opportunities and risks of cryptocurrencies in climate responsibility

SDG Talk Vol. 2

Julian Lechner, founder of Kaffeeform (Germany)

Innovative use of materials and transformation of waste into functional design objects of everyday consumption

Interview: Climate change

Šimon Michalčík and Julie Horáčková, Plant-for-the-Planet ambassadors, in a joint conversation about climate change.

SDG Talk Vol. 3

Udeh Chiagozie, Plant-for-the-Planet Lead Ambassador (Nigeria)

Climate change and the possibilities of solving its effects through protection and tree planting



Zero waste refreshment

Vegetarian and vegan delicacies prepared according to the zero waste principles of the kitchen master White Circus from local seasonal ingredients with the lowest possible ecological footprint and other food saved before expiration from Rohlík.cz, supplemented with a plant-based alternative to meat from The Vegetarian Butcher.


Midday part

Keynote of Thomas Kolster

Thomas Kolster, marketing a sustainability advisor (Denmark)

Corporate culture, goals and leadership within sustainability

Interview: Inovation and technology

Tomáš Matuška, head of the research department Energy Systems of Buildings

Operation and vision of projects focused on innovative sourcing. Air Water Extraction Equipment for Dry Hot Deserts S.A.W.E.R.

The interview will be conducted by Martin Veselovský, presenter of DVTV

SDG Talk Vol. 4

Jak Spencer, co-founder of Urban Scale Interventions (Spain)

Coherence of urbanism and urban development with sustainability

SDG Rapid Fire Presentations

Innovative presentation format of 5 successful projects fulfilling the goals of the SDGs.

Dalibor Dostál, Johanna Nejedlová, Veronika Hudzíková, Cyril Klepek and Marcela Vostřelová will present their projects

The presentation will be led by Michael Rozsypal from DVTV

SDG Talk Vol. 5

Roman Lauš, CEO of MEWERY

Innovation in the food industry with the potential to change the entire meat industry

High-level Sustainable Panel

Carla Hilhorst, Chief R&D Officer Unilever Nutrition Business Group
Olin Novák, CEO Rohlík.cz

Panel discussion with high-level representatives of Unilever and Rohlik.cz on the topic of food production and consumption and waste

Hosted by Michael Rozsypal from DVTV

Interview: Biodiversity

Arthur F. Sniegon, elephant and nature conservationist, traveler, adventurer,
Viktorie Seifertová, young ambassador of the Coalition for the Protection of Biodiversity

Projects to support biodiversity and animal protection

The interview will be conducted by DVTV presenter Daniela Drtinová

A closing word

Lucie Mádlová, founder and director of the Association of Social Responsibility

Ceremonial closing and summary of outputs from the Global Goals Summit


Closing of the Global Goals Summit


Choose the admission package that suits you. Whatever your choice, you're in for an extraordinary experience.


The Global Goals Summit aims to leave a large footprint in regard to offering ideas and inspiration, but have as little environmental impact as possible.

We are reducing CO2 production in preparation and increasing impact by planting trees in partnership with Plant-for-the-Planet on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico.

Vegetarian and vegan zero waste menu from The White Circus from rescued local food from Rohlík.cz supplemented with a plant-based meat alternative from The Vegetarian Butcher.

Every person attending the Global Goals Summit will receive a cup made from recycled coffee dregs. Thanks to the cup, you will be able to enjoy the taste of coffee and other drinks during the event, and for a long time to come – always in a sustainable fashion.

Coming to the Global Goals Summit using a sustainable means of transport is easy. The National Museum is a step away from the Metro, the Central Station, and a streetcar stop. Likewise, you can use a (shared) bicycle, scooter, or come on foot.


The National Museum is a symbol of history, the home of unique collections and extinct species. The Global Goals Summit will be held in this exceptional building to remind us of the thin line between life and the prospect of extinction.

National Museum
Historical Building
Václavské náměstí 68
Prague 1




Global Goals Summit 2022 is organized by the Association of Social Responsibility, the largest initiative of social responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Czech Internet news television DVTV.



The Global Goals Summit is part of the SDG Awards 2022.

We thank all of our partners who are on the same wavelength as we are.



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